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The Summer House Main Menu
Available Mon - Sat From 12pm

Appetisers - Great for sharing


Bread & Olives - £6.95


Garlic Pizza Bread - £6.95

Add cheese +£1


Seafood Slammers - £12.95

Asparagus & Smoked salmon

Prawn Twister

Salt n pepper squid

Gambas Pil Pil Skewer


Meat & Cheese Platter - £18.95

Serano ham, Milano Salami, German peppered salami

Chorizo, British ham

Sun dried tomatoes, stuffed sweet peppers,

Blue cheese, Cornish Cruncher Cheddar, Brie

With crackers, whipped butter and chutney


Veggie platter - £15.95

Roasted Mediterranean Veg

Fruity cous cous, cheese stuffed peppers

Cornichon, balsamic onions

Sundried tomatoes, crudites

Caramelised onion hummus

With Spanish bread and chilli jam



Small plates / Starters


Loaded Fries - £8.95

steak seasoned fries with sour cream cheddar cheese

crumbly Bacon bits, crispy onions and Korean Barbeque sauce


Sundried tomato Mac n Cheese with bacon - £8.95

With a garlic roasted crumb


Tempura Veg bites - £8.95

Lightly battered Cauliflower Courgette and sweet pepper bites

with your choice of dip


Panko Chicken - £9.95

Crispy Breaded tender chicken breast with your choice of dip


Beef Gyoza - £7.95

Served with Asian slaw


Vegan Gyoza - £7.95

Served with Asian slaw


Sun Dried tomato Arancini - £7.95

Served with Sriracha Mayo


Gambas Pil Pil - £9.95

Sizzling King Prawns cooked in butter, chilli, garlic and smoked paprika

 served with freshly baked bread


Seafood salad - £9.95

Smoked Salmon, Salmon Pate, King and Freshwater Prawns

Served on a bed of lettuce and watercress

with either classic Marie Rose or Yogurt & Mint dressing.




Fries - £3.95

Chunky Chips - £3.95

Sweet potato fries - £5.45

House salad - £3.95





Greek - £13.95

Romaine Lettuce, Cucumber Tomato Onion and black Olive

With feta Cheese Tzatziki and Hummus

Served with warm Pitta bread


Summer House Cobb Salad - £13.95

Lettuce, watercress and Rocket

Cucumber Tomatoes onion, boiled egg avocado, blue cheese, bacon

and a buttermilk ranch dressing

Add Chicken breast +£3.95

Or Glazed Salmon +£4.95




Tandoori Cod - £22.95

Our Signature dish

Fresh Whitby cod served with Bombay potatoes,

Mango puree, mint yoghurt and onion bhaji


Gambas Pil Pil – £18.95

Sizzling king prawns cooked in garlic, chilli and a smoked paprika sauce,

Served with warm bread, house salad and French fries


Teriyaki Salmon - £21.95

 Glazed Teriyaki with Coconut rice and grilled oriental veg


 Pan roasted with new potatoes Mediterranean Veg & Salsa Verdi


Rigatoni - £12.95

An Italian classic Romesco Sauce with Olives tomatoes onions and

Add Chicken +£4.95

Prawn +£4.95


10oz Sirloin - £28.95

Local farm reared English Sirloin Steak served with sautéed mushrooms thyme roasted tomato a parmesan & rocket salad peppercorn sauce and choice of fries or chunky chips


Moroccan Lamb chops - £18.95

With fruit cous cous and roasted Mediterranean veg


Thai Curry- Vegan £17.95

Oriental veg in a Green Thai sauce served with Coconut Rice and Onion Bhaji




Summer House Classic - £15.95

Homemade beef patty topped with pancetta, applewood smoked cheddar,

mayonnaise, shredded gem lettuce and tomato


Southern - £15.95

Hickory barbeque sauce, pepperjack cheese,

shredded gem lettuce tomato


Crispy Chicken - £15.95

Crispy panko breaded chicken breast, bacon, cheese, 

shredded gem lettuce, tomato and sweet chilli jam


Halloumi - £14.95

Crispy fried breaded halloumi, roasted peppers,

shredded gem lettuce, tomato and sweet chilli sauce





Margherita - £10.95

Pomodoro sauce base, grated mozzarella and oregano


Santorini - £12.95

Pomodoro sauce base, grated mozzarella mixed olives,

feta cheese and red onion


Chicken & chorizo - £13.95

Pomodoro sauce base, grated mozzarella cheese,

roasted peppers, chicken and chorizo


Spicy Pepperoni - £12.95

Pomodoro sauce base, grated mozzarella cheese,

pepperoni and chilli flakes


Diablo - £13.95

Spicy tomato sauce base, grated mozzarella cheese, pepperoni,

chorizo, fresh chilli, sundried tomatoes and Salsa Verde

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